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Taking your child to the dentist

Visiting the dentist is important. It can allow them to pick up problems early and hopefully stop them developing in to bigger issues. For example, if you have a cavity in your tooth you will most probably be able to have a filling where as if left it may be that the whole tooth needs to be removed. Taking your child to a dentist from an early age is a good idea, not only can... Read More

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Finding a diet that works

If you are trying to lose weight then you may have to try a number of diets until you find the one that works best for you. There are literally hundreds of diets out there, many of which often claim to help you significantly lose weight in a short period, but which ones really work? Dieting is often down to the individual. Some people prefer a diet where they reduce their... Read More

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Best way to lose weight

In my experience there is not one single way to lose weight that suits everybody. Each person often finds different methods for losing weight that works best for them. For example, for some people, increasing their levels of exercise massively helps them to lose weight whereas for others food is the major factor. With food, it may not be necessary what you eat, but the amount... Read More

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Going to the doctors for an MOT

MOT’s are normally for cars, but many people are now booking in to the doctors for a health MOT. This is essentially a check of all the basic checks to see how you are health wise. It will often include talking through any concerns you have, blood tests, weight check, breathing tests etc for the doctor to be able to establish if you should have any cause for concern about... Read More

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Are you drinking enough water?

Water is vital to humans in order for us to survive. Water is found in many foods as well as drinks so you may be taking in more than you realise but are you having enough water? Research shows that we should be drinking eight pints of water a day, which may sound a lot but when you add up all the cups of tea and squash we drink, it may be that you are having more than you... Read More