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Best way to lose weight

In my experience there is not one single way to lose weight that suits everybody. Each person often finds different methods for losing weight that works best for them. For example, for some people, increasing their levels of exercise massively helps them to lose weight whereas for others food is the major factor.

With food, it may not be necessary what you eat, but the amount you eat that is stopping you from slimming down. Studies show that if you eat slower and chew your food more, you are likely to feel fuller quicker.

Eating little and often is often better than not eating for a long period of time and then over indulging in food as your body can store the food up not knowing when it is going to get anymore.

When trying to lose weight, it is advised to seek help from a medical professional to make sure that you are doing it in a safe way. If you are extremely over weight then a sudden increase in exercise may not be a safe way to go about losing weight.

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