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Losing weight with like-minded people

Losing weight can be extremely hard work – unlike other addictions, food must be consumed to survive and so it requires the will to resist temptation and not overindulge: it cannot be avoided entirely. Although the government is trying to deter people from eating the unhealthiest types of food with legislation and taxes, there are so many fast food outlets and junk food is... Read More

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Joining a gym

Many people have joined gyms over the last few years as more and more people seem to becoming aware of their health and fitness levels. A gym can be a great way to work out with lie minded people and allow you that time away from home or work to really concentrate on your fitness. If you are a little intimidated of the gym, then you may wish to go to a number of gyms to find... Read More

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Why is rowing the best exercise going?

Rowing is a sport known by many to be extremely challenging and hard on the human body. The physical fitness that a rower must go through to get to the top and win competitions is truly extreme and in this post we will look at what rowing is and the types of muscles the sport uses when carrying out a basic stroke. Rowing is really the work of moving a boat foward in the water... Read More

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Planning Out a New Fitness Regime

A common ideal that is touted by weight loss experts is the idea that losing weight is 70% based upon diet and 30% based upon exercise, so both are really important for being healthy and managing your weight. To plan out a fitness regime which is aiming to help you to lose weight, any and all exercise has some benefits, but anaerobic exercise is going to help you put on more... Read More

Fitness Programs

My Fitness Pal

A new and interesting website is a great way for you to gain control over your diet, and helps you to really understand what is necessary for you to lose weight. Simply go to google and search “my fitness pal”, and you’ll see the website in question. This website is interesting as all you need to do is provide information by how much weight you want to lose... Read More