Fitness Programs

Planning Out a New Fitness Regime

A common ideal that is touted by weight loss experts is the idea that losing weight is 70% based upon diet and 30% based upon exercise, so both are really important for being healthy and managing your weight. To plan out a fitness regime which is aiming to help you to lose weight, any and all exercise has some benefits, but anaerobic exercise is going to help you put on more muscle, while aerobic exercise will basically burn away the fat and tone your muscles.

With aerobic exercise, the only thing you need to worry about is that you’re training all of the muscle groups. For this a great option is swimming as it requires all of your body to work, but other options like rowing, running and using a cross trainer are all good as well.

Even if you’re trying to lose weight, having a mixture of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise is still advised, just lean it heavily towards aerobic.

Lastly, planning your diet around your exercise regime, such as by having starch based food before aerobic exercise, and protein after anaerobic, is something that is worth doing as well. Making dietary choices which can help you exercise for longer and help repair and develop your muscles is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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