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Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise and Why Understanding the Differences is Important

Keeping fit is essential for staying healthy, and to do this an understanding anaerobic and aerobic exercise and their results is essential, as they can influence the results of any fitness program you do massively.

Anaerobic exercise is where you don’t take in oxygen as part of your respiration, which means that your body needs to get the energy for the exercise from the energy reserves in your body. This strains the muscles being used, causing damage which is then repaired, and made better. This generally speaking is how your muscles get bigger and gain weight, which means it is something you should avoid for the most part if the aim of your exercise is to lose weight. Typical anaerobic exercises are weight lifting.

Aerobic exercise is when you’re taking in a lot of oxygen to provide the energy necessary for exercise. This type of exercise is a longer process, and are things which really make you breath heavily, like running, rowing, swimming, and cycling. Aerobic exercise is the cornerstone of your health and fitness and needs to pay an integral part of any exercise program. It is also more likely to help you lose weight as well, helping to burn your fat reserves instead of your muscles stored energy.

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