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Three Myths about Weight Loss Supplements Busted

It is perhaps understandable that the topic of weight loss supplements raises so many passions and no little amount of controversy to boot. On one hand there are those who believe that the only way to get a ribbed, fit appearance is by sheer hard work coupled an intransigent diet regimen. On the other hand though, there are those who genuinely believe that as science goes on to reveal ever more intriguing aspects about nutrition and the way our bodies work, we are getting to know a lot about substances with intrinsic ability to help us shed plenty of weight without as much as lifting a finger. These conflicting world views have led to the rise of a host of myths about the role of weight-busting supplements. Today we are going to bust some of these myths and put the record straight.

Myth 1: You do not Need Exercise and Diet to Lose Weight with Supplements

FACT: The role of dietary supplements in any weight loss program is and should always be “supplementary” as the name suggests. That is not to say supplements are incapable of influencing physiological processes which either help the body increase metabolism of fat or prevent the body from storing up fat tissue in the first place. What it means is that if you go on taking a high calorie diet and lead a sedentary lifestyle, any good work the supplements can do will be undone. Moreover, the supplements work even better when you lead an active lifestyle and stick to a healthy nutritional program.

Myth 2: If you Bought it From a Chemist’s, it is Safe

FACT: In 2002, the European Union put into force the Food Supplements Directive which requires all sorts of supplements sold within the region to be certified as safe both in purity and dosage. The British health supplements industry, led by the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), rose up against this directive and has contested the decision at the European Court of Justice. The court did make a clarification on the directive and in the UK it is now considered that the only supplements which are subject to regulation are those produced synthetically, not those which would naturally be found in food. While this regulatory regime is much more strict than what consumers in the US for example have to contend with, it is still important for weight loss supplement buyers to be careful before buying any substances online or from a chemist’s.

Myth 3: If you Start Taking Supplements for Weight Loss, your Must Continue Taking them for Life

FACT: There is no need or even compulsion to take weight loss supplements for life. The supplements are only necessary when you want to accelerate the process of shedding weight while still keeping your state of health. Weight loss should never be a long term goal taking more than a year. With a professionally crafted weight loss program, there is no reason why you should extend a supplements stint for longer than six months. In most cases, you only need to keep taking the supplements for 30 to 90 days at the most. 


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