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Have Diet Pills really worked for everyone in the past?

To put this question simply, ‘Have Diet Pills really worked for everyone in the past’ then the answer is no.

Take this scenario from many medical experts, one in particular who is Dr Yoni Freedhoff. If weight loss came in a bottle, then the world would be slim. Is the world slim? Far from it – in-fact we’re starting to pile on the pounds more than ever before, making it truly a worrying statistic. It’s interesting to note that when Freedhoff opened his clinic six years ago, he scoured the medical literature looking for a good herbal supplement to offer in addition 
to his program of medical assessment and counselling. “I’m still looking,” he says.

If a medical expert has backed up the counter claims against the diet pill revolution then their is simply no point in taking them, especially if you’re not up to the task of combining with additional water and a healthy diet.

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