Diets for Diabetics

A recent study performed by Tel Aviv university delved into the issue of what is a healthy diet for diabetics. Now of course there is some difference between the various types of diabetes, but the most prevalent is Type-2 and it presents massive risks to individuals around the world, particularly in countries where obesity is high.

Type-2 diabetes can cause huge spikes in blood glucose levels after meals, so managing diet is essential for all sufferers. The study by Tel Aviv however, seems to show how a specific diet of high energy breakfasts and small / modest dinners can alleviate a lot of the risks for diabetics. The fact that diabetics now have an alternative and additional aide to medication is going to reassure a lot of people.

The study compared two different diets, one with a small breakfast and large dinner, and the one which showed a positive impact, a large breakfast and small dinner diet. Both of the diets contained the same sized lunches, and interestingly the large breakfast and small dinner diet showed how the glucose rise following the lunch was considerably lower than the alternative diet.

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